You make premium payments every month, often for years, to protect yourself and your property, based in the good faith understanding that, should the worst occur, the insurance company will deliver on its promise and come through for you. Unfortunately, all too often that is not the case. Whether it is your home or your business, or the property you planned to enjoy when you retire, a loss in your property affects you and your family day in and day out.  Your honored your end of the deal, and the insurance company happily collected your premiums, but when you need it the most, the insurance company decides to bail on you. If the insurance company does not uphold its end of the contract, you have rights, and at the Remudo Law Firm, we want to make sure those rights are upheld. We tenaciously fight for your right to have the insurance company honor their obligations under the policy agreement.

The relationship between a policyholder and an insurance company should not be adversarial. Insurance companies have the obligation to act in good faith to find coverage for the loss in your property, not a way to deny it. Sometimes, the detailed language in an insurance policy may lead to a legitimate disagreement between the carrier and its policyholder. However, in many cases, what seems like a simple, straightforward claim clearly covered under the policy, turns out to be a time-consuming dispute for no legitimate reason. Disputes often arise because insurance carriers interpret the coverage in the policy too narrowly and the exclusions too broadly as a way to avoid paying claims.

Insurance companies are supposed to use fair and unbiased appraisers and experts, but it is not uncommon that, even when they agree to cover a loss, their evaluation barely covers your damages. If the insurance company puts its interests above the interests of the policyholders, and wrongly denies, delays or underpay your valid claim, the insurance company may be acting in bad faith.


Year after year, you spend substantial amounts of your hard-earned money to insure and protect your property, so that you could be covered in the event of a loss. But when catastrophe hits, the insurance companies often look for ways to deny, rather than afford, the most needed coverage. Insurance companies have their army of employed adjusters, appraisers, experts, representative and lawyers representing their interests. You should have someone fighting for your rights.

For over 15 years, the insurance attorneys at Remudo Law Firm have been tenaciously fighting for the rights of policyholders against their insurance companies. We regularly handle property insurance cases involving a variety of losses, including, but not limited to, the following:

Hurricane Losses:

Floridians know well that hurricanes are among the most devastating and unpredictable natural disasters that Florida families and businessowners face. The high-velocity winds, torrential rains, storm surges, and flooding that often come with a Hurricane can cause devastating damages to your home or business. Property damages resulting from a hurricane are often severe and can affect you day after day. However, the handling of a Hurricane claim can be complicated as it typically involves damages covered different insurance policies, including homeowners and flood insurance. It is not uncommon that the different insurance companies involved will point the finger and attempt to shift responsibility from one to another. Meanwhile, the policyholders are abandoned in the midst of the chaos, while they struggle to deal with the devastating effects of a hurricane loss. If your property has been damaged as a result of a Hurricane, the Remudo Law Firm can help you.

Wind Damage:

High-velocity winds can cause severe damage to homes and businesses. Common windstorm damages involve fling objects, roofs blowing off, lifted or disconnected rooftiles, trees falling on your property, tree branches hitting your property, fences blown away or knocked down, among others. Wind Damage can also result in additional damages from water entry through wind-created openings, which may not be initially identified during the initial inspections and assessments of your property damages. While damages caused by wind are covered under most homeowners insurance policies, insurance companies may try to read the policy language too narrowly or the exclusions of the policy to broadly to try to deny or underpay your claim. Remudo Law Firm has handled many wind damage claims and helps policyholders recover what is rightfully owed for legitimate wind claims.

Water Damage:

Water intrusions or accidental water discharges can cause severe damages to homes and businesses. Many insurance policies exclude certain water damages, but there may be coverage for other water-related perils. It is important to review each applicable provision of your policy, individually, and as a whole, to understand what is covered and what is excluded. At times, the insurance policy language is ambiguous and can result in policyholders ultimately receiving coverage for claims that were initially denied. Remudo Law Firm has represented many policyholders with water damage claims resulting from losses at their homes and businesses. We are dedicated to tenaciously fighting for our clients’ rights in their effort to recover the insurance benefits necessary to return their properties to the pre-loss conditions.

Fire and Smoke Damages:

A fire can be a very scary and devastating loss. Fire can damage everything in your property from building materials to furniture, from artwork to appliances, clothing, personal property and, sadly, irreplaceable memories. Smoke can also cause substantial damages to a property. Remudo Law Firm has represented policyholders with their fire and smoke claims. We understand the devastating effect that a fire loss can have and we are dedicated to tenaciously fighting for our clients’ rights to ensure prompt and fair compensation for your fire damages.

Theft and Vandalism:

Thieves and vandals can cause substantial damages to your home or business. They deprive you of your personal property or damage your property causing extensive repairs. Many times, the losses are covered under the insurance policy, but subject to several exclusions and limitations. Remudo Law Firm tenaciously fight for the rights of policyholders to ensure that their theft or vandalism claims are properly handled and fairly adjusted.

If you are struggling with an insurance company over a denied, delay or underpay property insurance claim, call now for a free consultation, the Remudo Law Firm is here to help. We represent individuals, families and business owners in their property claims after a loss affecting their property.

Don’t let the insurance company be the only decision maker with respect to your rights under the policy you purchased.


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